Sports spotlight: Titan softball’s Ally Wiegand

By William Heidenreich Oct 25, 2019
Wiegand (above), has been a force to be reckoned with on the mound. In total, she has received eight nominations for CCIW Player of the Week. Photo Credit: IWU Sports

Whether it be in a casual or competitive setting, you have probably played a sport. What many who play sports have in common is the love they have developed for the thrill of competition. 

This love for competition has led many to develop a strong passion for a certain game that to them, means so much more than its title. 

For IWU senior Ally Weigend, her love for sports developed at a young age with softball. 

“I started playing t-ball originally. It was the sport that every kid in my town played,” Wiegand said. 

This love for the game eventually grew, becoming something much bigger than softball, something much bigger than sports. 

“I stuck with it because it came naturally, but mostly because it’s been my biggest connection with my dad. Softball has brought me my closest friends, taught me some of my hardest lessons and developed me into a strong woman. Without it, I would not be who I am today,” Wiegand said. 

Now a pitcher on the IWU softball team, she has become a sensational component of the team’s success. 

When facing Wiegand, it is typical of opposing players to step up to the plate, finding themselves walking back to the dugout soon after. 

Strike three.

Batters’ luck against Wiegand is typically few and far between. Last season, she recorded a .50 ERA and a 32.5 to one strikeout-to-walk ratio. The best numbers in all of Division III for the 2019 season. 

As any athlete knows, success does not come without a price. A price paid in sweat, exhaustion, and countless repetition.

 “Softball has brought me my closest friends, taught me some of my hardest lessons and developed me into a strong woman.”

Most importantly, these results are a product of a strong mentality.

“There is no secret to success. The only thing that will make you good is reps and lots of them,” Wiegand said. 

Wiegand attributes her success to the coaches and family supporting her. People she considers to be instrumental in her athletic career. 

“Every coach I’ve had, I have taken something from,” Wiegand said, adding that “Not everyone has a dad who will drive two hours after work to catch for their daughter, then drive an hour back home.” 

Wiegand’s efforts have not been in vain, the senior pitcher reaping the benefits of her hard work. 

These awards, among many, include her selection as Division III “Pitcher of the Year” and first team of College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin all-league squads for her performances last season.

Enjoying every step of her journey, Wiegand is willing to put it all on the line to achieve success in her final season in a Titan uniform.

“I love staying busy. I continually remind myself to push harder. The 10 seniors on the roster have their minds set on leaving everything they have on the field,” Wiegand said. 

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