The “hairy” situation

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By Michelle Wong, Columnist


I know you guys think that we girls are effortlessly and perfectly groomed, always smell nice and straight up don’t grow body hair.

But you’re wrong.

During the warmer months, we put in a lot of work into not looking like cousin It from the Munsters.

But in the winter, our efforts tend to dwindle down, so cut us some slack. It takes a lot of work to stay hair-free, and everybody needs a vacation once in a while.

We try our best to look past your fur-coated bodies, so if you find yourself staring at some chick’s slightly hairy legs in December, try not to bring it up.

First, look at the facts. During summer, girls know what to expect – short shorts, skirts and swimsuits. We are fully aware that our legs need to be shaved every week with no excuses.

Some girls will even go as far to put harsh chemicals on their skin to get rid of the stuff, and most girls can tell you how painful waxing is.

But during winter? That’s another story. Most days we wear sweat pants or jeans, and skirts are always accompanied by tights.

Next, think about guys’ hairy situation. Anyone with a boyfriend has to deal with a lot when it comes to body hair.

Consider No-Shave November. Dudes almost always have more body hair than the ladies to begin with, but here is a whole month dedicated to channeling your inner Chewbacca. Often, along with this comes less-than-attractive neck beards.

Then, when December rolls around and the beard gets chopped off, we get to see all your creativity with the leftovers. Meaning one day you show up with a handle bar mustache because you wanted to know what it would feel like.

Not only do guys have hairier faces and legs, but also arms, pits and even backs.

Girls are neither asking you to turn yourself into a naked mole rat nor are we trying to validate letting our armpits or mustaches grow freely.

Mutually, we can agree that’s a little too far.

We just ask for the same kind of lenience this season that you likely receive all year-round.

During times of hibernation, considering the little amount of time you have to spend actually looking at our legs, please excuse the hair.

Before you point your furry finger, remember how chill everyone else was towards you last November. Think about how much more hair men have then women, and try to cut  us a little slack.

And last but not least, if you notice a lady sporting that ‘stache, you do have the right to gently inform her that waxing exists.

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