TitanThon raises big funds for OSF Children’s Hospital

By admin Oct 25, 2019

 TitanThon raised over $22,00 for OSF Children’s Hospital. 

At the Children’s Hospital of Peoria, children are admitted everyday for life-threatening conditions. 

Wesleyan’s TitanThon raised money throughout the year to help kids suffering from diseases or complications. 

Over the summer TitanThon’s new executive board attended the Dance Marathon Leadership 

Conference (DMLC) in St. Louis, with over 300 schools across the continent. 

The conference taught management skills, ideas to implement at our large event in the spring. 

Illinois Wesleyan leaders are also in touch with other Marathons across the country, by attending the conference. 

This helps IWU community and other campuses across the country to raise even more For The Kids (FTK). 

TitanThon’s biggest motivator for the organization is keeping the focus on the kids. 

“It was a great weekend seeing all dance marathon colleges uniting together for the same cause. 

It’s very empowering, I’m very excited to spread FTK on our campus.” event coordinator Wah Chook said about the conference and FTK.

Titanthon has grown steadily, increasing in both members and the total amount fundraised. In addition to their main event where over 10 percent of campus participates in the spring, 

Titanthon has many smaller events throughout the semester. 

Last year “Kookies with Kaden” drew students to decorate cookies with a child treated by the Children’s Hospital of Peoria. 

The TitanThon executive board is planning the event again, as Kaden loves hanging out with IWU students. 

“By helping these kids, we are giving every child the chance to be a titan.” one leader, Anna Mitroszewska, said. 

Many of these children and their families are also present at our main event in the Spring and are involved in the activities. 

These “miracle families” bring energy and an emotional connection to the event and can be extremely impactful. 

At the conclusion of the event it is revealed that last year the IWU organization raised $23,152.06, all for the kids.

This semester Titanthon has a lot of new ideas planned. 

TitanThon has launched the theme “Outerspace” for the year. 

The theme will be used throughout the year. 

The recent launch of this year’s event on National Child Health Day, and multiple more events coming soon, TitanThon is committed to making this year its most memorable and successful year to date. 

The dance marathon is on February 1, 2020, in the Young Main Lounge. 

Following Child Health Day, Titanthon’s leadership is ready to bring more energy and excitement to campus for all of the kids that will benefit.

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