Funky and unnecessary features in celebrity homes

By James Stein Nov5,2021
Image by: Liam Killian
Image by: Liam Killian

Buying a house is a huge accomplishment for most people, celebrities also indulge in this treasure of life. I doubt your neighbor has a house like Rihanna. When celebrities buy a house it  is usually considered a mansion. But they also have an extreme exterior or something crazily obscure inside the house. Here are eight of the most interesting and unique features inside and outside of celebrity mansions.


David Dobrik’s drinking fountain

In Youtube star David Dobrik’s house he has many obscure features including a real Iron Man suit and murals on the walls of his home. One of the more interesting features would be the traditional water fountain that strictly sputes out fruit punch. 

Drake’s 400,000 dollar mattress

Yes, according to Forbes Drake’s mattress is 400,000 dollars and may even be worth it for some people. Even though 400,000 dollars is enough to buy a house. The mattress was made by a Swedish company called Hastens. Many materials were used to create this bed including handwoven textiles and pressed leather.  

Nicole Kidman’s elevator 

An elevator is not really an obscure feature within a celebrity home but what if that elevator is for your car? In Kidman’s New York apartment the elevator brings the car right from the street to the apartment door. That makes finding city parking a lot easier. 

Jennifer Lopezs’ Vineyard 

In her mansion in California, Lopez has an entire vineyard in her backyard. Lopez has this vineyard for strictly personal reasons and has never embarked into the wine business but at least she has the opportunity to. 

Paris Hilton’s Mansion (for her dogs)

Paris Hilton has been known for being someone who does everything to the highest degree. Why wouldn’t Hilton put a two floor dog house in her backyard? The dog house would be described as miniature because humans cannot fit but I can assume, the dogs love their little mansion. The mansion houses her five dogs. 

Kylie Jenner’s second mansion

Staying on theme with having a separate mansion in your backyard. Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi received a life-size playhouse from Kris Jenner for Christmas in 2019. The home has appliances, a balcony, fake fireplace and even functioning air conditioning. Kylie revealed in a YouTube video that the mini mansion reminds her of the playhouse she had growing up. I wish I could relate to that.  

Celine Dion’s waterpark

Celine Dion previously owned a home in Jupiter, Florida. From the front, it looked like a classic beachfront mansion. When you head to the backyard Dion used to have a complete waterpark. The waterpark included two water slides, a lazy river and other classic water park amenities. 

John Travolta’s Private Airport

John Trovolta’s front yard does not have nice landscaping or a porch swing but he does have a private airport. Travolta’s airport is fit for taking off and landing planes right in front of his hard. Travolta is a licensed pilot and is a part of a private aviation community. 

Robert Downey Jr.’s Windmill house

In 2017, Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey were featured in Architectural Digest where they debuted their giant 1800s windmill. The home also includes vibrant paintings and colorful accents to counter the classic windmill look on the outside. 

Shaquille O’Neal’s supersized bed

Shaquille O’Neal is 7’1” and his former bed in his Orlando home was 30 feet wide. The bed was a circular shape and had a large Superman logo on the bedspread. Every feature in his home was made for a man of his height. The chairs were oversized and the fireplace was two stories high.


Most of these items do seem to be unnecessary and maybe even considered useless, but if you have the money why not splurge and get everything you want. Celebrities have interesting lives and they need crazy houses to match.  

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