Relationships for publicity are normal in celebrity culture

By James Stein Nov 12, 2021
Picture By Liam Killian with photos from Wiki
Picture By Liam Killian with photos from Wiki

Fake relationships have been around for a very long time in Hollywood with celebrities. These relationships usually include someone very well known and in the spotlight and then another celebrity who is not in the spotlight. 

These relationships often are for promotion of a mutual or singular project of one party in the relationship. A different reason to have a fake relationship would be to cover up something that reflects the celebrity negatively. 

Publicists and managers set up these “love” contracts with very strict terms to keep the relationships very professional. Fake relationships are simply for business and career advancements and they prove to be very successful. The main goal of fake relationships is to make headlines simply for the relationship only.

If you know anything about Pete Davdison and Kim Kardashian West, it is pretty obvious the two are an odd pairing. Davidson is an SNL comedian and Kardashian West is a pop culture icon and businesswoman. Kardashian West and Davidson worked together on SNL on October 9th.

Within the last two weeks the pairing have been seen out together on several different occasions. Kardashian West is in the midst of her divorce with Kanye West whom she shares five children with. Davidson has a show coming out on the streaming service Tubi and recently broke up with “Bridgerton” star Phoebe Dynevor. 

Sadly, I am not in the inner circles of Davidson or Kardashian West so I can’t confirm if  this relationship is real or fake but I am personally leaning towards a fake relationship. Overall their names are in headlines and people are definitely talking about the possibility of them together. 

If Kardashian West and Davidson are in a relationship, this seems like a pairing with no benefit. The only benefit to this relationship would be that Kardashian West would not be in headlines for her very public divorce from Kanye.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were also in a short relationship but it has come out that it was a publicity stunt. In an interview in 2016, Hiddleston confirmed that it was just for publicity. The motive behind their relationship was for both of them to be in the next James Bond movie. Neither of them received roles in the movie, nor did Swift even audition for the film.

A common situation that most fake relationships stem from working together on a project. When stars in that are co-stars or are in a band together that is most likely a relationship simply for publicity. 

A popular example that people have recently talked about is Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde. Styles is an international music sensation and Wilde is an actress and filmmaker. 

The two were photographed as a couple after working together on an upcoming film “Don’t Worry Darling.” The director of the film is Wilde and Styles has a lead role in the film. The two were then seen together at Styles’ manager’s wedding  in January 2021. 

Before the filming of “Don’t Worry Darling” Wilde and Styles have never been seen together. The two have no public mutual friends and they are 10 years apart in age. The happy couple leaves no evidence of ever running in the same crowd of Los Angeles before working together. 

The two are still together and Wilde has even followed Styles’ on his current tour which is around the United States. In this relationship, Styles is the more popular celebrity and is giving the upcoming film a lot of attention. The film is set to come out in September of 2022.

Less than one month after filming began, Wilde and Jason Sudeikis called off their seven year engagement. The couple has two children together and have known each other since 2011. The timing of everything seems to be moving incredibly fast for this relationship between Styles and Wilde to be real. 

Wilde’s career is benefiting and will continue to benefit with the release of her film as long as her relationship with Styles continues on. Fan’s of Styles will see the movie regardless of his relationship status, keeping her name in the headlines will help the movie do better. 

“Twilight” co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart also seemed to be in a fake relationship for years. The first film in the “Twilight” saga was released in November 2008, the couple began to kindle their relationship in mid-2009. The couple dated for four years publicly, which lines up very well with the “Twilight” saga timeline. The last movie was released in November of 2012 and the couple split up in May 2013.

Hollywood constantly changes but one thing that is here to stay, would be the fake relationships. Whether the relationships help benefit careers or help keep different people relevant, it is almost proven that they always work. There are almost no downsides to relationships strictly for publicity other than lying to the entire general public. Other than that you are completely in the clear.

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